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Welcome to my project Worldwide Wheelwright!

What is Worldwide Wheelwright about?… During my years as a Wheelwright I have come across many adversities that have compromised the sustainability of the trade. For many generations Wheelwrighting in the UK has relied on three timbers, Oak, Ash and Elm. Sourcing these local timbers has become increasingly difficult thanks to factors such as Dutch Elm disease and poor woodland management. Add to this a lack of advancement in Wheelwrighting techniques due to a decline in the use of horse drawn vehicles and we may potentially lose the skill forever. 

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Day 1 - Newark, Delaware: 39.650629, -75.749100
Day 1 - Chesapeake Bay: 38.997202, -76.393138
Day 1 - Colonial Williamsburg: 37.279169, -76.698754
Day 2 - Colonial Williamsburg: 37.278744, -76.697662
Day 9 Wintergreen: 37.929884, -78.941740
Day 10 Pittsburgh: 40.440625, -79.995886
Day 11 Ohio Stutzmans Amish Wheelwrights shop: 40.440066, -81.699016
Day 11 Jymm Hoffmans forge masterclass: 40.589234, -80.225060
Day 12 stopover near Cincinnati : 38.998950, -84.626611
day 13 visit to Harley Chandlers coach shop: 39.068739, -84.867396
Day 13 stop over near champaign.: 40.116420, -88.243383
Day 15 Walnut grove visit: 44.223069, -95.469658
Day 14 long drive and stopover in Marshall: 44.448423, -95.791192
Day 16 drive to Mitchell South Dakota: 43.709428, -98.029799
Day 17 Mitchell South Dakota Hansen Wheel and Wagon: 43.897207, -98.138694
Day 18 Dakota Discovery Centre and Clark Martineks Blacksmiths shop Mitchell SD: 43.709428, -98.029799
Day 19 Rapid City South Dakota: 44.080543, -103.231015
Day 20 Journey Museum Rapid City: 44.086507, -103.218248
Day 21 Mount Rushmore and Custer state park: 43.879102, -103.459067
Day 21 Custer State Park: 43.715608, -103.483926
Day 22 Rapid city to Cody: 44.406375, -104.375782
Day 23 Buffalo Bill Centre of the West, Cody, Wyoming: 44.525616, -109.073314
Day 24 Yellowstone National Park: 44.460479, -110.828138
Day 24 West Yellowstone stopover: 44.662149, -111.104109
Day 25 to 28 Stopover at Lolo: 46.727778, -114.530556
Day 28 Moscow Idaho: 46.732387, -117.000165
Day 29 to 31 Raymond, Washington: 46.686489, -123.732938
Day 32 Forks Timber Museum: 47.936610, -124.393997
Day 34 Leaving the USA: 47.450250, -122.308816
Day 35 Calgary, Canada... on way to a surprise visit...: 50.725494, -113.974947
The Remington Carriage centre, last minute addition to the project! : 49.193638, -113.305030

Worldwide Wheelwright aims to study the skills and practices of American Wheelwrights both current and past in the hope of finding alternative resources and methods for the future of Wheelwrighting in the UK. My Journey begins in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and ends at the North West Carraige museum, Washington State. I will be visiting various sites across the USA from working Wheelwrights shops to museums and sites of interest. You can follow my Journey through or social media where I will be posting regular video blogs and updates. Please also keep track through my interactive map (above). This project is with thanks to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and the Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights. Please spread the word about this project, I hope that the knowledge I will bring back from my journey will be interesting and valuable for both Wheelwrights and enthusiasts for years to come.

Please click on the link below to view my final report:

Worldwide Wheelwright Report

Phill and Andy nailing strakes

The Wheelwright | documentary from Sam Birch on Vimeo. Catch Master Wheelwright Phill Gregson at his Wheelwright’s Shop in Lancashire, England. In this film we follow the journey of a new wheel through the workshop, working with old machinery, hand tools and Bear and Arnie, Phill’s pair of working horses.

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